Enlightened Prayer

A teaching by the Baal Shem Tov from Amud Hatefillah.

You cannot pray properly if you do not have light surrounding you from every side so that you feel it all around you.

In Sefer Likutim Yakarim it is written:

The secret of “surrounding” can be understood through an example. Someone who is wise in Torah and discovers in it something new and wonderful feels great delight in his heart and he is made tremendously happy, and this happiness surrounds him, as it is written in the Gemara (Menachot 68b) of Yehuda ben Nehemia [when he discovered something new in the Torah], “his face radiated light.” And this happiness extends to the end of the worlds, for the one who discovers it shares it with another bringing him too great joy, and he tells another, and so on throughout the world, reaching from its root to the ends of the universe, to the celestial heights. It is like when a small child says something wise to his father it brings him such joy, even though the father already knew what the child tells him, and when he relates what the child says, even to someone even wiser and more learned, it brings yet more joy.

Jeff says…

So how do we attain this “surrounding light” that is a prerequisite of proper prayer? We bring joy to others. Whatever we are “wise” in, whatever special gift we have — no matter how small or insignificant it may seem — devote it to others’ happiness and it will light up the world from top to bottom. Then we can follow that light all the way up to heaven on our prayers.

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One Response to Enlightened Prayer

  1. Shalom Jeff!

    It was a true delight to connect and enjoy your inspiration.

    I wanted to make sure this is you. So we can keep in touch – I will love to connect you to people in the land.

    Warm Regards.

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