The World is a Mirror

Marc Chagall's The Mirror

Marc Chagall’s The Mirror

A nugget from Zeev Wolf of Zhitomir, from Or haMeir on Parshat Naso

Everywhere you happen to look and everything you happen to see, even the ugly and the coarse, you should understand that it was not for nothing that God showed you this thing.  Rather, it is because you yourself have some lack that you have not yet realized. So when you see another doing something wrong, you should learn from this what you must fix in yourself and for what you must ask forgiveness from God…

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3 Responses to The World is a Mirror

  1. yitzchak says:

    Didn’t the BESHT says this first?

    • Hi Yitzchak — thanks for pointing this out. The Besht does have a similar and earlier teaching, though I wouldn’t say he said it first — the idea is already found in earlier Mussar literature, which I’m guessing is the source for the Or haMeir, because when he brings a teaching from the Besht he says, “As I heard in the name of the Besht…”

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