Rosh haShannah Short Shorts

Some short shorts to get you ready for Rosh haShannah.


Marc Chagall’s ‘The Shofar Blower’

The Maggid of Mezeritch writes that we have forgotten our divine mother tongue, and so on Rosh haShannah we blow the shofar, which is just a voice without words, and God understands.

From Kedushas Levi:

The blessed Holy One pours out divine abundance upon us, and we are the ones who channel it, each according to his own desire, ‘for life, for peace,’ and so on.

All the angels and all the holy beasts of the chariot tremble at the Day of Judgment, and so too does every one of our limbs. But if you consider that the blessed Holy One is our father, then you will fear nothing.

From Tiferes Uziel:

It was revealed to me in a dream the meaning of blowing the shofar. It is like two lovers who don’t want others to know what they write to each other, so they have a secret language which no one else knows.

My father taught that the one who blows the shofar should be like the shofar himself, emptying himself so that God can blow the holy spirit into him as he blows into the shofar.

From Or haMeir:

God creates the world anew every morning, as we say in Yotzer Or of the morning prayers. So every morning when you get up you must ask if your deeds merit the world’s re-creation. How much more so on Rosh haShannah, when the whole world returns to its original state, only to be made again!

Let it be fixed in your heart that there is nothing in this world that does not draw from God like a baby nursing from its mother. Now most people today waste their time amassing money — they cannot be called children of God, for they depend on their own strength. Be rather as a child in a swaddling blanket, nursing from the Heavenly Mother, knowing that you cannot lift a hand without Her.

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