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Till you can’t tell the difference

A guest posting by Ariel Evan Mayse (thanks Ariel!): a translation of R. Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Apta on Purim, from Ohev Yisroel. Get ready. To see the Hebrew original, click here. Let us begin with the words of that holy … Continue reading

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U’teshuvah, u’tefillah, u’tzedakah…

On the Yamim Nora’im we say U’teshuvah, u’tefillah, u’tzedakah ma’avirin et roa hagezeira : roughly, “atonement, prayer, and righteous giving will annul the evil decree” and bring us a year of blessings. I’m collecting some Hasidic teachings from throughout the … Continue reading

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