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Till you can’t tell the difference

A guest posting by Ariel Evan Mayse (thanks Ariel!): a translation of┬áR. Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Apta on Purim, from Ohev Yisroel. Get ready. To see the Hebrew original, click here. Let us begin with the words of that holy … Continue reading

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U’teshuvah, u’tefillah, u’tzedakah…

On the Yamim Nora’im we say U’teshuvah, u’tefillah, u’tzedakah ma’avirin et roa hagezeira : roughly, “atonement, prayer, and righteous giving will annul the evil decree” and bring us a year of blessings. I’m collecting some Hasidic teachings from throughout the … Continue reading

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